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A space for free spirits, adventurers and the kind at heart. For those who love to share good times and celebrate the joy of life with one another.


Who is behind La Ria Creations?

A creative head, a day dreamer and someone who enjoys exploring all the wonder our planet has to offer. The beauty of nature inspires me continuously. To watch the sun rising, hearing the birds waking, seeing the splendorous pastel evening sky, before the moon and the stars make it their home each night. All that gives me so much joy and a sense of being alive.


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La Ria

“For the people, for the planet, for you.”

– Ilaria, La Ria Creations

This is my company’s mission, and who I aim to serve.

I have a deep love of the environment and aim to respect it through all my business endeavours, products and services, whilst still being able to give sprinkles of joy & love to the people of our planet.

My promise to you is that I will continually try my best to improve my products and make them as sustainable as possible. It is my strong belief that every action we take has an impact on the environment and therefore I will go the extra mile to make sure my products are as low impact as possible, completely vegan and environmentally friendly.

My mission is to create designs that inspire and motivate people. To encourage people to be aware of their feelings and thoughts. To share them with the people they care about. After all, how beautiful is it to receive a handwritten card or gift?

How it all began

I have always been a person who preferred writing a handwritten card, the old school way. To me it just adds extra character and makes it more personal. Whilst modern technology has helped to connect us, nothing compares to a note penned by someone who cares.

As each special occasion and event drew near, I was constantly searching for beautiful, unique cards, ones that felt personal and ticked the box for being environmentally friendly. Finding this nearly impossible, I began creating my own for my friends and family… and so a seed was planted.

Years later, I visited the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. There was a beautiful, small art market being held that day. That’s when the seed started growing. I dreamed of one day being able to attend markets with my own products and have my own stationery line. One that would move people, hopefully in the same way as that market moved me. I couldn’t let go of this thought. So, from one idea their grew many small and big ideas, so here we are…

Through La Ria Creations I have followed a project close to my heart, one which had been a dream for years. I hope my work can give you a joyful experience, a space where you can forget your worries and be inspired to try to make the best out of your life. Likewise, I constantly remind myself to enjoy this ride called life. It’s a journey which goes on and on, and while we are here let’s make it a good one. One worth remembering, one where the dreams are the start and the sky the limit.

I’m so incredibly grateful for being able to follow my passion. For me it’s about connection, the beauty we see in life and the art we create. And if you stuck around and made it this far, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and I am super grateful for your support.

Each product was designed with lots of love.

Giving Back To Nature

Providing joy to people we care for shouldn’t hurt the planet. In order to give back, I donate 5% from the sale of each product to Fifteen Trees (an Australian company that offers tree planting services to help offset carbon emissions).

On National Tree Day their lovely team organised a tree planting event, which I took part in. It was so fun being out in nature, helping to give back and restore the natura flora of this beautiful country. It’s beautiful to see what Fifteen Trees has achieved and I’m honoured to support their company create a healthier world.


When it comes to shipping my products, I try my best to have as low of an impact as possible. Therefore, I use materials which are either recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable. Your goodies will be sent in a 100% recycled mailer. The shipping is sent carbon neutral, meaning the emissions are compensated by supporting programs which have a positive impact on the environment in Australia and overseas.

Much love,

Ilaria πŸ’œ

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